Countess Markievicz: The Rebel Countess by Dearbhla Kelly

Countess Markievicz: The Rebel Countess is a short historical comic, telling the story of how Irish revolutionary Constance Markievicz became the first ever woman elected to British or Irish parliament in 1918. Originally published in The Irish Times, a limited run of copies in book format will be available for the first time at DCAF.


Goon Squad Issue 001 by NCAD Bureau+

Goon Squad Issue 001 is part of an anthology series of comic based images centred on the theme of ‘moods’. It features the work of NCAD Bureau+ students. Let us spend your money.


Woozy and the Flute Player by Chiara Benedetti and Andrea Bochicchio


Jellarina by Nadia Cardoso

Jellarina is the story of a pink Jellyfish whose dream is to became a ballerina. Until one day she enrols in the ballet academy and finds out there is a small problem... literally! It’s a sweet story about self-love and acceptance of our capabilities.


Lil' Lukie: And The Mystery Of The Flying Toddler by Christopher Brennan

I will be debuting the second book in the Lil' Lukie series: 'Lil' Lukie: And The Mystery Of The Flying Toddler.' The series follows the adventures of 2 parents that discover their baby has super powers. “Louder than a rocket ship. More powerful than Mommy's desire to sleep! Able to dissolve thick nappies with one pee. What’s that in the sky?! It can't be! A flying baby?! Yes, it’s LIL’ LUKIE! Back with another stunning, stupendous, super-heroic story about the boy who can fly!”


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