Comic creators! Illustrators! Art book and small print makers! If you'd like to exhibit at DCAF on December 17th, 2017, please fill out our Exhibitor Application Form and we'll be in touch with details such as table prices and payments when they get sorted out.

*Due to a limited number of tables and an anticipated high demand of exhibitors, the December DCAF will likely need to be curated! This is only due to smaller venue size, and please don't take this as any judgement of your work and we're sorry in advance for not being able to accommodate everyone! Our preliminary guess is 20-ish exhibitors (previous shows have had 35 exhibitors) and we will be doing half-tables only. Here are some things that we will be looking for in our curation: a large variety of books, art and merch for sale (this is a Christmas market!) and debuts or newly published work. In curating we will do our best to ensure a wide spectrum of Irish sequential art and illustration is represented and that established and first-time exhibitors both have a chance to sell their work.

To make up for the limited tables, we will offer a communal table, €1 and you can leave us up to 5 books on the day (5 of the same book, or 3 of one book and 2 of another, any way you want to divide your 5) Stray Lines will run the communal table and you must pick up your money and remaining books before the end of the day. Any unsold books not claimed by the end of the day will be given away.


Beautiful Garbage Punk Art
Ceili Braidwood  
Naomi Bolger
Elizabeth Casua  
Ashwin Chacko  
Clara Dudley  
Aoife Duffy
Nessa Finnegan  
Stasele Jakunskaite  
Hugh Madden  
Giovana Medeiros  
Mot Collins  
Julie Nick  
Tara O'Connor
The Orange Nest  
Seán O'Reilly  
Tracy Sayers
Bex Sheridan  
Stray Lines  
Anthea West  
Liadh Young


October, 2017

Aelur   Aoife Balfe   Barbarella Bunny   Ceili Braidwood   Claire Brankin   Brass Neck Press   Neev Brennan   Busy in Dublin   Elizabeth Casua   Paul Carroll   Ashwin Chacko   Asya Demidova   Alex Ducie   Clara Dudley   Aoife Duffy   Aaron Fever   Nessa Finnegan   Katie Fleming   Clare Foley   Stasele Jakunskaite   Aaron Losty   Hugh Madden   Mari   Dámhín Mckeown   Mot Collins   Julie Nick   Seán O'Reilly   Jane O'Sullivan   John Quigley   Barry Quinn   Seán O'Reilly   Tracy Sayers   Bex Sheridan   James Sheridan   Stray Lines   All Things Thom   Lauren Tracey   Jorge Verdugo   Vincent  

July, 2017

Olly Blake   Claire Brankin   Brass Neck Press   Niall Breen   Neev Brennan   Cathal Burke   Conor Casby   Ashwin Chacko   Elizabeth Curran   Clara Dudley   Rachel Feury   Aaron Fever   Nessa Finnegan   Clare Foley   Leeann Hamilton   Karen Harte   Clara Higgins   Kate Kavanagh   Hugh Madden   Elida Maiques   Ciarán Marcantonio   Mari   Roddy McCance   Giovana Medeiros   Julie Nick   The Orange Nest   Helene Pertl   Seán O'Reilly   Barry Quinn   Miles Reilly   Seán O'Reilly   Stray Lines   All Things Thom   Anthea West   Kristina Yee

April, 2017

Dylan Drennan   Katie Fleming   Clare Foley   Nikki Foster   Karen Harte   Luke Healy   Seán Hogan
Hugh Madden   Julie Nick   Míriam Rodríguez   Stray Lines   All Things Thom