Artmines/DCAF Mini-Comic
Printing Prize

Printing and art supply shop, Artmines, is working with DCAF to offer free printing to one lucky comic creator!*

How it works

Submit your comic via this form by September 2nd. DCAF will review the entries and choose 1 winner and 1 runner up to be announced September 23rd. The winner and runner up will be invited to exhibit their comics at the October 12th DCAF.

If the winning comic is 12 or less pages, Artmines will print 100 copies.
If the winning comic is 12-24 pages, Artmines will print 50 copies.

The winning comic will be digitally printed and saddle stiched. Winner can discuss paper type/weight with Artmines.

What can you do with the printed comic when you receive it? - Whatever you like! Sell it for whatever price you like, give it away, mail copies to critics for review or submit it to awards, it's your book! We're just helping out with the printing.

Comic Guidelines

- Comic must be an original work, created by the person(s) submitting. No licensed works accepted.
- All genres welcome.
- Story must be a self-contained, stand-alone short story, not an excerpt or chapter of a longer sequential series.
- This must be the first time the comic has ever seen the printed page, including anthologies. This contest is not for reprints of previously printed works. It's fine if the comic has been previously published digitally.

Comic Specs

- A5 size
- 24 pages max
- Winning comic will need to add the text "1st Edition Printed by Artmines in Rathmines, Dublin" somewhere in the book.
- Print-ready PDF needed by September 23rd.

Submission Specs

- PDF for reading (not the print-ready PDF just yet!)
- 100mb Max File Size


- 1 Winner - A batch of their comics, printed for free + 1 6ft table at the October 12th, 2019 DCAF, free of charge
- 1 Runner Up - 1 3ft table at the October 12th, 2019 DCAF, free of charge


*Creators retain all the rights to their submitted stories, DCAF and Artmines are not editing or publishing, merely facilitating printing.

APRIL 6th · JULY 6th · OCTOBER 12th · DECEMBER 14th